About Us

Institutionalized in 2005, Edyıl Construction has brought a new perspective to the concept of luxury by combining quality, aesthetics and comfort at the highest level.

Dedicating its existence to customer satisfaction, Edyıl Construction constructs environmentally friendly, world-class buildings equipped with advanced technology.

Edyıl Construction, which provides high added value to its investors, has reached a respected brand position in the sector.

Edyıl Construction always works with the highest quality suppliers, the most reputable solution partners and well-equipped personnel by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Both in technical and support units; Edyıl Construction, which includes a young, dynamic, expert, expert in their field, as well as a valuable staff open to continuous development; It grows and develops its team by including new teammates who will carry the company to the future with a professional selection and placement process. Edyıl Construction attaches importance to the development of its team for a sustainable future. By supporting the individual and professional development of its employees, it takes its corporate power from its employees and continuously develops with an effective working team.

Our Mission

To ensure that our trust, quality and service values are fully included in all our activities, to provide better service with innovative works that add value to life by designing safe housing projects, and to provide our customers with the opportunities offered by contemporary and modern housing perception.

To add value to society and the environment by creating innovative, safe living spaces with sustainable and aesthetic state-of-the-art technological equipment with international quality standards.

Our Vision

Our biggest goal is to be known in this direction in the sector by building quality, safe houses with the aim of continuous and healthy growth in accordance with contemporary living standards, to continue to serve by building innovative smart residences.